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We also covered the top-placing trimmers from publications like Consumer Reports and the Wirecutter. Whenever buying a multi-unit like this, you have to watch out for quality. From everything I know, Sun Seeker makes quality products; but check it out carefully.

A few users say the automatic string feed doesn’t work especially well. Starts easily and is sturdy, fuel efficient, and user-friendly, reviewers say. Personally, I always prefer to choose quality when buying machinery for my work. Another important factor to consider is the string itself. The diameter comes in various lengths with the longer lengths able to cut large areas quickly. For a strong homeowner with a medium to large outdoor space or people who work in landscaping with a low budget, this tool is a good choice.


Battery-operated weed trimmers are heavier than corded electric string trimmers, and gas weed eaters tend to be the heaviest. And they can also hold more cutting string than a electric weed whacker. Greenworks provides a solidly built corded electric trimmer that works on a 10 amp powerful motor.

  • That said, the rechargeable batteries have gotten much better over the years.
  • A straight shaft will allow for a much greater reach, allowing you to trim underneath the edge of your deck or farther away from the body.
  • The Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc is a powerful trimmer that has a lot of features.
  • Here are some useful safety tips when using electric weed trimmer.
  • I have 2 batteries, so it’s not as big an issue for me, but extra batteries are expensive.

If you want the power of gas string trimmer at a good price, the Husqvarna 128LD is a good option and will live up to most weed and brush jobs. The 25cc 4-cycle motor and wide 18-inch cutting path mean this gas string trimmer will cut through the thickest thatch and overgrowth with ease. You will burn through string quickly, but the tap-and-go feature allows you to release new string mid-project without stopping. The Worx WG163.8 is by far the most popular cordless weed trimmers on the market. Slightly smaller than our best pick with a trim width of 12 inches, this weed eater also has a pivoting head that converts it into a lawn edger. However, it only has a 20V battery, so it is best suited to light weed maintenance.


Another reason why these Husqvarna trimmers are so user-friendly is the intuitive controls and firm but comfortable grip. The shaft is extendable the extra grip adjustable and the design reduces the amount of shaking that you feel while holding it. Before starting the engine, use the air purge to remove air from the carburetor.

gas grass trimmer reviews

I too had a battery issue with the blower I reviewed—after the review ran. I couldn’t tell if the issue was the battery or the charger, but I was told they would send a new battery regardless—which I received a few days later. By the way, if and when I call support on anything I have reviewed, I do so anonimously to avoid any special treatment. As I recall, the only pain in the is their convoluted product registration process, and customer service requires a speaker phone and a Netflix movie to watch. They supposedly have a call-back option, but that never works.

Pay close attention to the motor position, the overall weight, and the length of the shaft. These are essential design factors which will make trimming a painful or pleasant experience. Electric weed eaters come with several different features and model. Here are some essential things to know when looking to buy.

gas grass trimmer reviews

Here is another top-rated 4-cycle gas string trimmer from Troy-Bilt that also comes in an attachment capable design to make it highly versatile. While the many brands and models of 4-cycle gas weed eater out there can make things a little confusing, out table compares 5 top rated ones to make buying one a lot easier. And to help you get a top rated 4-cycle gas weed eater, we highlight some of the vital things to look out for in these trimmers and also review 5 high performing ones. The Husqvarna 324L string trimmer with a 4-stroke engine which runs on gas.

Best Weed Trimmer Mower Combo Reviews Of 2021

There are more elaborate strap and harness systems available to help balance a heavy commercial trimmer. The trimmer will rub against your hip if you’re supporting it with a strap, so the heavy-duty harnesses include some kind of shield to fend off bruises and grass stains. The bigger advantage to a wider swath is in cutting power. A longer string means that, for the same engine speed, the tip of the cutting line will be moving faster, moving at 16,000 feet per minute instead of only 14,000. The advantages of cutting a wider swath are both efficiency and power.

It provides a generous 17-inch cutting width, thanks to which you will be capable of trimming your lawn much faster. The Husqvarna 128LD is another powerful trimmer that will definitely satisfy all your needs and requirements. This 2-stroke engine comes with a large fuel tank and a lot of features that will surely amaze you. It comes with an air purge function thanks to which it can remove air from the carburetor and a detachable shaft for easy storage.

Top 10 Best Gas Weed Eater

A straight shaft can reach into a multitude of places and areas and the curved shaft is more difficult to use if you want to use it under obstacles. The straight shaft has a longer reach and the curved shaft has a closer reach – which can be a benefit sometimes. The next choice to make is in regards to the fuel you use in the machine. Most machines will have a two-stroke engine this means you have to mix oil and gas . If you don’t like the extra job of mixing the gas and oil then you would need a four-stroke engine that you can just put fuel into.

gas grass trimmer reviews

The high power 5-amp motor provides enough power to cut any weed type with ease. The broad 14-inch cutting line covers the more extensive area, which makes the job get done faster. Do you need a weed eater that can handle the thickest weeds, gas grass trimmer reviews shrubs, and small trees? The Husqvarna 336FR brush cutter is a heavy-duty tool for the job. Unlike a string trimmer, a brush cutter is fitted with steel blades that easily cut through branches, shrubs and most overgrowth with ease.

Husqvarna 128ld 17 28cc Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer

First of all, they are commonly much more powerful than battery-powered or electric string trimmers, so they are much more suitable for heavy duty projects. Also, they are as cordless as battery-powered trimmers and can operate for much longer than their cordless electric counterparts. If you have a large yard, with a woodsy landscape and perhaps a sloped terrain, you will need more power so you should opt for a gas string trimmer.

The three categories are defined by the type of fuel the product uses. There are gas, electric, and battery-powered weed eaters and edgers. This FAQ section will answer the most pressing weed eater and edger questions. The 128CD String Trimmer is a powerful and lightweight machine.

One nice thing that smaller engine does is make for a lighter-weight tool. This is one of the lightest weight straight shaft string trimmers around, even though it has an extra-long shaft. Coupled with their S-Start effortless starting system and a Walbro carburetor, it is an extremely easy tool to work with. I was a little surprised to find that Makita made a gas string trimmer. More than anything, they’re known for professional-grade power tools, especially cordless ones.

It reduces the hassle of stopping your trimming project to recharge the battery. Since 1924, Dewalt has been manufacturing thousands of top-notch power tools and hand tools. The DEWALT DCST925M1 unit is one of their top-of-the-line trimmers. WORX WG163 is a robust trimmer for trimming the grasses of your lawn. It is a complete package of power, function, precision, and reliability.

Then she proceeded to start the string-trimmer, which was easy enough to do with the engine starter. Lightweight design means that this power tool feels pretty flimsy. A cable grip mounted behind the handle stops you from trimming your extension cable instead of the grass.

But if you’re getting heavy duty and more powerful electric string trimmer, then it may be wise to pick a model which has a shoulder strap as it may get heavy. Regardless of whether you use a corded or cordless string trimmer, the primary power source in these types of weed eater is the electricity. The more powerful the engine, the more electricity it will consume. Black & Decker 20V String trimmer is a powerful cordless electric string trimmer. The high capacity battery means you get more power to handle tougher weeds and grass with long cutting hours. An electric string trimmer is a gardening tool which helps you to cut weed and grass.

This increases the versatility of your trimmer as it can be used in place of multiple tools in your yard. However, if you just need a basic trimmer, it may not be worth paying a premium for this compatibility. The engine is the heart of the trimmer and the most crucial part of the machine. The engine determines not only the speed of your grass trimmer, but also its toughness. A trimmer is an essential tool for keeping your yard neat and tidy.

The WORX WG116 is powered by a 4-Amp motor and can be converted from a string trimmer to an edger in a single click. The flower guard stops you from catching any unintended targets, but can be folded back if it gets in your way. There’s also a dual-line auto-feed system underneath, which keeps string flowing. A quick-connect coupler lets you swap out the string trimmer for a range of other garden tool attachments .

No cords to pull and no worries about throwing your shoulder out in the process. As long as the battery is fully charged you simply press the start button and away you go. The FSA 56 weighs slightly less than 8 pounds with the battery attached and it has a familiar straight shaft design. In our STIHL battery string trimmer reviews you won’t find better value for the money than the FSA 56.

The most quality models are equipped with safety features. While some trimmers have protective shields to keep you away from flying debris, other models are equipped with trigger lock feature. This safety feature is specially designed to prevent the trim head from accidentally started when not in use. A weed eater trimmer reaches under and around obstacles, helping to keep driveways, walkways, fencing, and flower beds looking tidy. High-end trimmers cost well north of $300, but for $200 or less, you can find a cheap gas or electric trimmer that will do your yard proud. Some cheap weed eaters also boast edging capability and can perform other upkeep chores, even acting as grass trimmers for very small sections of lawn.

One major difference in the Poulan Pro model is its weight. At 14 pounds, it’s on the heavier side and may be difficult for some homeowners to carry for a long time. The machine’s 25 cc, 2-cycle engine features a full crankshaft, which essentially means the engine will last longer.

gas grass trimmer reviews